Cheryl is a gifted healer. I went to see her because of an allergic reaction I was having that resulted in hives all over my body. After two sessions, my hives were gone and haven’t returned. As a person, Cheryl radiates pure joy. I felt calm and relaxed the minute I stepped into her office. I didn’t know what to expect at my first visit but she immediately put me at ease. I will always recommend her services to all my friends and family
— Cyndee E.
I’ve had allergies for more than thirty years. This includes everything from pets to food to the changing of the seasons. Thanks to seeing Cheryl, though, my reactions have not only weakened over the past year, they now occur with much less frequency. My digestion has improved, I get very few headaches, and I can sleep through the night. My wife and I were even able to adopt a cat— something we would have been crazy to consider just two years ago!
— Dale C.
I no longer need drugs for my allergies. I used to have hay fever quite severely and now have complete relief.
— R. Anders
My seasonal allergies are not affecting me at all any more. Thank God I finally have relief.
— B. Clemmer
I was having hives appear on my face. Once my coffee intolerance was removed, the hives disappeared.
— J. Anger
All my life I’ve suffered from a rare allergy to sunlight. I was unable to expose myself to the sun for more than 20 minutes without breaking out in a rash and blisters. I had three visits, I was out in the direct sun for over four hours with no reaction whatsoever.”
— S. Corbet
Cheryl’s genuine and ever present energy and knowledge create a wonderful environment for healing. Find a moment to work with her to bring a positive change into your life.
— Amanda S.
I have one more session to complete the BIE clearing process, however, my asthma is 85% better and my allergies are diminished by 95% in only 2 sessions after being cleared of pet dander.
— H. Ryan